About us


We are a US based non-profit organization dedicated to the protection

and care of cows in Vrindavan, India.


We sponsor go-seva, specifically provision of food, land, shelter, health care, 

and well-being of cows according to Vedic culture.

Our Team

Ajay Jani

Petra Jani

Jyoti Chittur
Vice President

Bimal Pati

Edwin Bryant

Pay for Staff

Maintenance of Cow Shelters

Maintenance of Cow Shelters

Acquisition of Land for Constructing Go-Shalas

Ensuring timely and fair payment for the dedicated staff taking care of our cow shelters.

Regular upkeep and maintenance of the cow shelters to provide a safe and clean environment for our cows.

Supplying nutritious and sufficient food to ensure the well-being of our cows.

Identifying suitable land and acquiring it for the purpose of constructing additional go-shalas to expand our mission.